What foods contain aspartame – the facts!

Today, the word “health” is upon everyone’s lips. Like many people, you may be trying to lose a few pounds or even achieve radical weight loss. You may be worried about the amount of sugar that manufacturers are putting into foodstuffs, and the effect that this is having on your health and your children’s teeth and oral health . Or you may have been diagnosed with an endocrine disease, like diabetes, and want to enjoy the occasional sweet treat without putting your health in jeopardy. First, it is important to know what foods contain aspartame.

The many aspartame uses

Two amino acids combined constitute aspartame, meaning that the proteins you consume every day, for example; bananas, tomato juice, meat, eggs and fish are similar in molecular structure to the artificial sweetener. Because of this, aspartame does not build up in the tissues nor will it raise blood sugar levels in the way that carbohydrates do. In addition, aspartame products do not leave the residue in the mouth that leads to tooth decay.
Important points about aspartame uses
Bear in mind the following points when you are buying aspartame products:

  • You need a certain level of calorific intake to provide energy to work and play, and calories for bodily function and repair. A fully-grown, active man requires about 2,500 calories per day to maintain body weight, while an adult female requires 2,000. A growing child requires 1200 to 1800 calories daily, depending on gender and exact age.
  • Ideally, the bulk of these calories should be gained from eating foods rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, that is, cheese and eggs, fish and meat, fruit and vegetables. However, aside from fruit, these foods do not satisfy the “sweet tooth” that many children and adults have. As a result, they have a tendency to indulge in foods that are unhealthy in excess.
  • Aspartame is a non-saccharine food additive that is about 200 times sweeter than table sugar. When it is used to attain ordinary sweetness levels, the calorific value is negligible. This makes the sweetener invaluable in the diet of anyone who is trying to control or lose weight. What renders aspartame in high demand is that it does not leave the aftertaste of other sweeteners.
  • There is no need to wonder what foods contain aspartame, look at the manufacturer’s list on the packaging.

What foods contain aspartame?

A surprising number of aspartame products are available to buy, such as juices, crunchy breakfast cereals and certain yoghurts. This makes it easy for you to enjoy a nutritious and calorie-controlled breakfast. Try a glass of juice or tub of yoghurt that contains aspartame, followed by cereal with a dash of semi-skimmed milk and to finish, a slice or two of whole meal toast accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee with aspartame sweetener in place of sugar.

Other aspartame uses

If desired, you can sprinkle aspartame sweetener on the cereal, and use it in desserts. The use of aspartame products will enable you to combine a calorie-controlled diet with the occasional sweet-treat, for example, munching a brownie or eating an ice-cream. If you are hosting a children’s party and do not want to serve up too much sugar, look for drinks and jellies containing aspartame, often Light or Zero calorie products. Be aware that children still need to brush their teeth following meals, since these foods combine aspartame with carbohydrates and other tooth-decaying ingredients. Regarding what foods contain aspartame, the more you look for them, the more you will buy them and learn about aspartame uses.

The smart use of products containing aspartame

It is vital to know that one nutrient alone, no matter how “good” it is, does not constitute a healthy diet. It is the balance of nutrients in the diet that determines your health. Bearing in mind these facts about calories and nutrition, using aspartame in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise will help you achieve your health goal. Considering what foods contain aspartame, for example, in chewable vitamins, may tempt your children to try meals that they would not touch before. Overall, the wise use of aspartame could lead your family to a healthier life.