Chinese Ministry of Health

The American Diabetes Association

On November 3, 1987 the American Diabetes Association (ADA) submitted a statement to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources United States Senate on Aspartame. That testimony stated:

“… Through the journal Clinical Diabetes alone, we are in regular contact with approximately 70,000 physicians who are actively involved in the care of patients with diabetes…

“… We have had no indication from these professionals that there are significant problems with the use of aspartame, or for that matter, that there is any pattern of complaints regarding this product. The use and safety of aspartame simply is not an issue among these health professionals, as far as we can determine…”

“… in conclusion, ADA supports the continued availability of aspartame. Our organisation, which has ongoing contact with a major portion of the diabetic population using aspartame and the physicians who treat them, believes the product has been shown to be safe …”

“… We urge that the Congress, the Administration and the press focus their attention on the broad evidence of science and nutrition, not on unrepresentative individual anecdotal assertions…”

3 November 1987