The Dutch Minister for Public Health, Dr E. Borst-Eilers sent a letter dated 14 December 2001, to the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Public Health, Welfare and Sport.

Dr Borst-Eilers stated: “I can inform you that aspartame and its breakdown products have been examined by the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Union (EU) with a view to possible risks; the consumption of aspartame at the approved levels has been found to be safe.”

She went on to say: “A study carried out by the EU in the year 2000 on the intake of additives has shown that the actual intake is well below the established ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) of 40 mg/kg bodyweight for adults.

“For young children, who consume more in relation to their body weight, a realistic evaluation of their intake, based on food consumption in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands has shown that this does not go beyond 40% of the ADI.”

Dr Borst-Eilers added: “The United States has also looked into the possible effects of aspartame: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has carried out a broad based epidemiological study and found no negative effect.”

14 December 2001