Health Canada acknowledges the safety of aspartame and dispels popular myths

Canada’s Food Directorate, Health Canada, details the process to which aspartame was subjected before being approved as a food ingredient. Health Canada has conducted extensive reviews of scientific research and examined the results of clinical studies, and continues to monitor the work of other leading scientific advisory bodies around the world.

This report describes how the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of aspartame was established and details the ongoing evaluation conducted as a result of the evolution occurring in our diet. The information dispels some of the more common myths surrounding aspartame consumption using the significant body of scientific data available.

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The Canadian Health Protection Branch
(Predecessor to Health Canada)

The Canadian Health Protection Branch wrote in its Information Letter: “In so far as the data submitted in support of the safety of aspartame is concerned, it can be stated that the substance is one of the most extensively studied chemicals permitted for use in food”.

“The data on the safety of aspartame are the most comprehensive ever received by the Health Protection Branch in support of a food additive”.

12 December 1979